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The big dipperOfficial website( home page 7 x 24 Register hours around the clock for the majority of users with the big dipper、Log in、Consultation、China merchants、Complaints such as professional、Comprehensive customer service!Customer serviceQQ90511。The big dipper group was founded in1992Years,Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales、Technical service in the integration of large-scale professional agricultural science and technology company。Company in line with the big dipper platform“Science and technology for the people”The principle of,Is committed to agricultural science and technology achievements transformation and promotion,At the same time in the research and development with independent intellectual property products,In Asia as the center,Actively introducing and screening of high quality products from all over the world resources。At present,The company has subsidiaries in four,Runs a field crop seeds、Vegetable seeds and three pieces of agrochemical products business,In the enterprise operation and management on the implementation of the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors。The big dipper platform according to the requirements of modern enterprise system,Adhere to is conducive to scientific research、Conducive to the production。
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