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        Sichuan blue rain grain environmental protection technology co., LTD. Was established2013Years,Located in chengdu, sichuan province。Focus on feed factory waste gas treatment technology、Feed factory waste gas treatment equipment research and development,Feed factory waste gas treatment equipment production and sales、Feed factory waste gas processing services。6In feed factory waste gas treatment engineering of actual combat experience。30People feed factory waste gas treatment technology professional research and development team。And contains the world500Strong companies10Many feed production group companies established long-term strategic cooperation。2016Years was identified as high-tech enterprises,And won the class a qualification of atmospheric pollution control。2017In《Province three big battle major equipment recommended directory》。


Waste gas treatment equipment

Discarded processing equipment

Feed factory waste gas treatment equipment

Feed waste gas treatment equipment:The waste gas processing aquatic feed、Aquatic feed gas deodorization、Livestock and poultry feed waste gas treatment、Premixed feed gas deodorization、Feed additive gas deodorization、Fish meal factory waste gas deodorization、Animal protein powder factory waste gas deodorization、Protein powder waste gas processing、Fermented feed gas deodorization。

Organic waste gas treatment equipment

Organic waste gas treatment equipment:Organic waste gas treatment、Spray paint waste gas processing、Painting waste gas processing、VOCWaste gas treatment、Furniture factory waste gas processing、The paint room exhaust gas treatment。

The food industry waste gas treatment equipment

Food factory waste gas treatment equipment:Food factory waste gas processing、Food factory waste gas deodorization、Food factory waste gas purification、The brewery waste gas treatment、Food additive factory waste gas processing、Food additive gas deodorization。

Waste transfer station equipment

Waste gas treatment equipment:Of eat hutch garbage waste gas treatment、Landfill waste gas processing、Waste gas treatment of garbage transfer stations、Waste fermentation gas processing。

Dump processing equipment such as the stench

Stench exhaust treatment equipment scope:The stench of eat hutch waste gas processing、Landfill waste gas processing、Waste gas treatment of garbage transfer stations、Waste fermentation gas processing、Animal body stench innocuity treatment、Organic manure fermentation processing exhaust the stench、Stench slaughterhouse waste gas processing。

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