Huaibei and water conservancy construction engineering co., LTD., established in2002Years,Has now developed into a mainly engineering construction general contracting,Invest in the construction、Real estate development as a whole,With comprehensive competition strength of large construction enterprises。The company passed the quality management system、Environmental management system、Occupational health and safety management system certification,Anhui water conservancy engineering association rated as respectivelyAAGrade credit enterprise。At present, the company registered capital5009Ten thousand yuan,Have all kinds of professional technical and management personnel300More than one(One of them:High-level professional and technical personnel135People ,Secondary constructor60More than one)。

    The company has a construction general contracting qualification level,Water conservancy and hydropower、Municipal utilities engineering general contracting secondary qualification,Fire control facilities、Waterproof anti-corrosion insulation、Architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade b qualification,Building mechanical and electrical installation engineering、The foundation and basis、Environmental protection engineering and other professional contracting qualification level 3。


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