Anhui royal blue(Wood industry)Industry and trade co., LTD:Our factory is located in hefei economic development zone,Is a professional production and sales of wood products、The tray、Export packing and plastic pallet manufacturers。Companies adhering to the:Abide by“The good faith is practical,Create brilliant”The principle of,Committed to the development of packaging products and promotion,Is to provide the packaging design to the packaging products and services package supplier,With the professional advantages and years of accumulated knowledge、Experience to provide clients with from packaging to the packaging one-stop service,Reduce the packaging cost for the customer,Gradually formed in the packaging of wood packaging service content solutions provider,Designed for customers at home and abroad、Production、Timely delivery、The scene, packing“One pace reachs the designated position”A full set of packers...

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    Product appearance is bright and clean、Smooth and beautiful、Strong and durable,Big load,No moth,High quality and low price!
    The pall,The tray quality assurance,Trustworthy.24Hours service hotline:13033051212(Generation of managers)
    • Wooden pallets
    • Second-hand pressure plywood pallets
    • Sandwich plate
    • Card board for export
    • Green card board
    • Wooden case
    • The packing cases2
    • The packing cases
    • Exempted from inspection the cases
    • Exempted from inspection the cases2
    • PTD-1414
    • PTD-1414A
    • PTD-1515
    • PTD-1714
    • PTD-13212
    • Second-hand wooden pallets
    • Second-hand pallets
    • Second-hand wooden pallets
    • Second-hand plastic pallets
    • Recycling second-hand wooden pallets

    24Hours service hotline0551-6899251213033051212

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    Our advantage10Years focused on the tray production,Rich experience!

    To view moreThe pall,The tray quality assurance,Trustworthy.
    24Hours service hotline:13033051212(Generation of managers)

    Focus on wooden pallets,10Years of professional experience!

    The largest in the province,Has its own timber processing plants,The tray、Rich in the cases such as inventory,Are you referring to the reliable supplier!

    Product variety,Good quality!Can be customized...

    Products rich,There are wooden pallets,The compound tray,Plywood wooden case,Particieboard wooden case,Export fumigation wooden pallets, etc...

    Considerate considerate service,Solve your worries!

    How delivery truck company,Guarantee the accuracy of the product、In a timely manner、Fast delivery。High quality and low price!

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