• Office to receive a box of custom
  • Hotel supplies
  • Household to receive a case
  • The enterprise culture

    Corporate philosophy:Create benefits for customers
    The spirit of enterprise:The good faith、Innovation、Win-win situation、Excellence
    The purpose of the enterprise:Create benefits for customers、Create value for our employees、Created for social civilization...

  • Team

    The rings from a few people now have the team growth of production,Domestic trade and international trade into an integrated whole group,Believe that such a strong team of the rings,The future road will be more and more smooth,More and more broad...

  • The development course

    2005Years4Month19Day,Company was formally established in shenzhen,A joint-stock limited liability company,A total of shareholders3People。
    2008Years9Month,After several years of development,The company decided to opened its first branch in yunnan...

AboutWe are

Shenzhen rings stationery co., LTD. Was established2005Years,Is committed to the professional manufacturer of stationery and leather and suppliers,Belong to the equity joint venture,The main customized folder、Cortical contract holder、The menu folder、Stationery boxes、Cortex receive a case、Office envelope、Leather folder、Office pen container、Custom file box、Cortical file box、The office clipboard、PPFolder、Wristbands mouse pad、Certificates holster、Cortical tissue boxes、Customized folder、Custom file box、Customized envelope、Custom office pen container、Customized desktop receive a case、Customized state grid file box、Customized southern power grid file box、Customized hotel receive leather goods and other products,Companies adhering to the unity of was founded、Cooperation、Win-win management philosophy,With a special focus on the quality of the products、Services and environmental protection concept,Has become the new generation of unique representative of one of the enterprises。

To learn more
Office pen container、PPFolder、Stationery boxes、The business card...
  • Wide variety of choices

    We produce all kinds of function and material in the office、Household and hotel supplies,To provide customers with more choices,Can also be exclusive products according to customer requirements...

  • The independent brand

    After 10 years of development,The company has design、Research and development、Production、Sales and service as one integrated modern office、Household products integrated supply enterprises,And has its own brand“F embellish shi”。

Office supplies custom
  • Perfect after-sales service

    Companies adhering to the unity of was founded、Cooperation、Win-win management philosophy,With a special focus on the quality of the products、Services and environmental protection concept

  • Set out for the user

    Design is more suitable for office products,Our goal is to get the office“More simple、More comfortable、More effective”。

The news

  • 16/9
    What are the categories of office folder
    Office folder is used for the whole page file,The main purpose is in order to save the file,To make it neat。Is a kind of business or business activities in order to in the process of paper document storage、Protect and standardize the management and use of tools。
  • 22/8
    What are the commonly used office folder
    As an administrative personnel,Often need to buy all kinds of folders,For the use of staff within the unit,Must know the kinds of various kinds of folder。The file is different,The folder is also different。Then,What are common office folder?​
  • 09/8
    Office supplies books
    Office supplies books

Product category

  • Office to receive goodsOffice to receive goods

    File box is a kind of office supplies,Is the various departments and units file finishing and binding stored documents by the administrative departments of fittings。Is usually made of cardboard and kraft paper pasting,Now the basic all made with acid free paper

  • Household storage boxHousehold storage box

    Household receive a box is mainly used for storing scattered small parts,Such as scattered files、Jewelry、Tool,These parts are placed in receive a case that looks more beautiful,We are easier to manage

  • Hotel leather accessoriesHotel leather accessories

    Hotel style of leather accessories,The company developed a series of hotel supplies,Such as remote receive a box、The trash can、The alarm clock、Tea boxes、Tissue boxes, fruit tray, etc

  • Custom stationeryCustom stationery

    Custom stationery can according to customer requirements:Color、The material、The size and use to build enterprise culture of office supplies、Household articles for use、Hotel supplies,Whether it's own use or to send clients have greatly enhance the company's image