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Gaoyou Yang lighting technology co., LTDIs located in the northern suburb of historical and cultural city of yangzhou, The transportation is convenient,Beautiful scenery。Main production and operation units all kinds of light、 Road lights、LEDThe lamp、Solar energy lamp、Combination lamp、Garden light、Landscape lamp、 Lawn lamp、Generic lamp light、Buried lights、All kinds of light pole、Indoor lamps and lighting Electrical appliances, etc。

Our existing staff180More than one,The engineering and technical personnel20More than one,The market The developers30More than one,Unit area14700?。Have professional production Equipment60Multiple sets,One of them 1200TBig A shape function of type bending processing 15M steel rod,And produce4Mw solar module production line2The article; High powerLEDLamps and lanterns,Small power wind turbine research and development,Production center; Otherwise CNC die casting machine;High-speed slitting machine;Convergent submerged arc welding machine automatically; Submerged arc welding welding;Welding inspection equipment;Plasma cutting machine;Joint machine; The straightening machine;Coating production line;A large oven;Stainless steel production equipment; Punch ;Lathe;Planer;Drill、Bending and other equipment。

The factory pursues“Be honest,The good faith to do things”The aim of the,Through strictly Internal management and scientific marketing mechanism,The product won the broad masses of users Lai and the deep affection,Sales network throughout the country more than 20 provinces、The city、Autonomy Area。

In the increasingly fierce market competition,The unit will continue to increase investment in science and technology, Strict management of unit,Strive for to high-quality product quality、A reasonable sales price Lattice、Perfect after-sales service、 Thriving and team spirit,To win A broader market...

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The phone:13390608688
Contacts:Yang Wenling
A mobile phone:0514-84212998
The mailbox:[email protected]
Address:Gaoyou bridge town industrial park

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Product display
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Strictly in accordance with regulations of the buyer's timetable for the delivery of the goods and services,Ensure project completed on schedule...
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Company equipment is complete、Advanced production technology,Have professional production equipment60Multiple sets...
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My company's solemn statement:SiKe our company official seal、Privately organization and inferior goods、A myth...