Shanghai he engaged in the high wear-resisting hammer head、The development and manufacture crusher hammers,Production of alloy hammer head、Bimetal composite hammer head、Wearing plate hammer crusher accessories, etc,Custom all kinds of anti-wear hammer head。

Shanghai kun mechanical engineering technology co., LTD

Focused on manufacturing wear-resistant crusher hammers
Committed to high wear-resistant crusher accessories solution

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Shanghai he hui high hardness alloy hammer head set、Strong toughness、High abrasion resistance

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Shanghai he hui machinery industry advantage

  • A double liquid compound casting technology casting molding
  • With high hardness, high wear resistance properties
  • Prices are low economic benefit is good
  • Help customers customized after surveying and mapping
  • Bimetal composite hammer head higher wear resistance
Shanghai kun mechanical engineering technology co., LTD
Shanghai hui of mechanical engineering technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in wear-resisting hammer and crusher accessories research and development production in a body's enterprise,Committed to the alloy wear-resistant hammer production sales、Broken the wear failure analysis、Wear anti-wear technology development, etc,Focus on one-time casting alloy lost hammer, hammer head of research and development production and process improvement。Shanghai hui of mechanical engineering technology co., LTD., production wear-resisting products mainly:Wear-resisting hammer head、All kinds of hammer crusher hammer customization、Alloy hammer head、The high chrome hammer head、Bimetal composite hammer head、Finely machine hammer head、Sand making machine hammer head、Grate cooler hammer head、Reversible crusher hammers、Board hammer、Cone cone broken parts points、Crusher teeth plate plate、High manganese steel hammer head、New type of compound jaw、New type of composite rolling mortar wall、Sieve plate、Crusher rotor wearable spare parts, etc,Products with its high quality、Good abrasion resistance、The comprehensive performance is not easy to fracture and other unique reputation pin in domestic provinces、Cities and regions,And exported to overseas。Product advantage1、High quality wear-resistant casting production base in Shanghai,Wear-resisting hammer quality suppliers;2、Wear-resisting hammer than forging hammer head longer service life,Hammer head alloy parts20%;3、Customized size,One-on-one providing wear-resisting hammer customized solutions for you,According to the working condition of special ingredients;4、Dissolved mold casting of vacuum technology,Adopt high quality alloy hot composite materials,Continuous casting forming at a time,Double fluid fusion,Compact structure;5、Rigorous quality testing,To ensure that customers use safe and effective,Not cold、Crack、Defects such as inclusions,Using the full spectrum direct reading spectrometer,Metallographic microscope,All kinds of hardness tester,Import tilting level,Control of microcomputer universal material testing machine,The pendulum .......

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Shanghai hui machinery research and development of manufacturing alloy hammer head,High manganese steel wear-resisting hammer head,The high chrome hammer head,Crusher hammers,The bimetal composite hammer top wear spare parts,With high hardness、High wear resistance properties,Sell well at home and abroad。More and more>>

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