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There are ten different, milan's products
1.Is not the same as the classical design2.Ultra high strength aluminum、Different shaped cavity structure
3.Is not the same as the imported Germany parts4.Surface process is different
5.Comfortable experience6.Safety protection
7.Mute effect is different8.Different lighting effect
9.Heat insulation effect is not the same10.Orbit is waterproof
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    Company profile

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    Understand the milan's latest dynamic,New product、Preferential early know

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    Knowledge of doors and Windows

    Knowledge of Windows and doors

    Learn how to maintenance Windows and doors,The longer life,Use more safe and healthy

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    China merchants to join us

    The big trend、Prospect is wide、Growth is fast、High returns、Zero inventory

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    Excellent team、Leading technology,The plot plan for you

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    Aluminum doors and Windows industry ten big brands,The perfect system

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    Franchisees' rights and interests

    The unified brand image,Have franchise monopoly


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