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About us

Qingzhou green LanEr beverage co., LTD2008Years8Month was established,Corporate jeffwang,Existing staff20People。The company is located in the beautiful town of temple son,Here the mountains;Dense forests;Cypress TuLu;Lined with trees;Spring ding-dong;The stream flowing;The air is fresh and moist。

Companies focus on long-term development,From the ground318M deep well water,Water quality of clear and sweet,Quality is stable。Contain the human body needs many kinds of elements(Strontium≤0.28、Zinc0.08、Calcium22、Magnesium2.6、Iron0.21、Metasilicate12.6),PHValue7.9Belongs to the weak alkaline。

Stay away from the pollution of the environment;Convenient traffic;Natural water;Excellent production line;Reasonable price;Good prestige。

Our company strives for the survival by the quality of the product;With the good faith management as the basis;To make big market、And stronger for the purpose。A mutual benefit and cooperation partners,Seek common development。

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Contacts:Yue manager   Contact phone number:13678666898   0536-3786789   QQ:395514496   Address:Weifang city, shandong province qingzhou temple town

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