Precise focus on industry applications,Make it“Quality software”,The implementation“Elaborate service”

To the user as the center,Accurate positioning needs,Beyond the demand response

Aiming at application,Quick results,Improve the user experience

In a massGISBased on the data,Supported by big data mining,To realize scientific decision、Situational awareness

In order to moveGIS+Many applications,Multi-dimensional analysis results,Multiple perspectives and to scientific supervision

News centerNews CENTER
Wisdom regulationIntelligent supervision

The technical architecture

Set up“Empty the heavens and the earth”The integration of monitoring and supervision system

Common functions

Base map operations

Common functions

Real-time positioning

Common functions

“Figure、Belong to、Gears”Integration management

Common functions

Visual analysis

Common functions

The scene forensics

The solutionsolutions

Natural resources information platform

1、Through the information island,Transverse longitudinal data each other Each other。

2、Through the scene and government affairs Scenario,Make management、Decision-making scientific and efficient。

3、Support tube of natural resources Richard,To carry out“Two is unified”Management function。

The supervision of the national spatial planning a figure system

1、Based on the spatial planning。

2、By means of use control。

3、In order to monitoring and evaluation for the gripper。

4、More rules,Prepare a plan。

5、Defined boundary,To form a blueprint。

6、Intelligent control,To build a platform

7、Reform and innovation,To establish a set of mechanisms